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Business Data Networks and Security Essay - 2565 Words

Business Data Networks and Security, 9e (Panko) Chapter 9 TCP/IP Internetworking II 1) In IP subnet planning, having a large subnet part allows more hosts per subnet. Answer: FALSE 2) When the subnet part is made larger, the host part must be smaller. Answer: TRUE 3) If your subnet part is 8 bits long, you can have ________ subnets. A) 64 B) 128 C) 256 D) None of the above Answer: D 4) In IP subnet planning, you need to have at least 130 subnets. How large should your subnet part be? A) 6 B) 7 C) 8 D) None of the above Answer: B 5) Your firm has an 8-bit network part and an 8-bit subnet part. How many hosts can you have? A) 8 B) 16 C) 254 D) 65,534 Answer: D 6) You have a 20-bit network part and a†¦show more content†¦A) DNS servers B) DHCP servers C) directory servers D) identity servers Answer: B 35) ________ servers provide ________ IP addresses to clients. A) DNS, static B) DNS, dynamic C) DHCP, static D) DHCP, dynamic Answer: D 36) Clients can send a DHCP request message to multiple DHCP servers. Answer: TRUE 37) DHCP ________ are configurable parameters that determine which subnets the DHCP server will serve. A) ranges B) scopes C) spans D) domains Answer: B 38) Which of the above is NOT an element in a network management system? A) The manager. B) Agents. C) Objects. D) All of the above ARE elements in network management systems. Answer: D 39) In SNMP, the manager communicates directly with a(n) ________. A) managed device B) agent C) Both A and B D) Neither A nor B Answer: B 40) In SNMP, the manager communicates directly with the managed device. Answer: FALSE 41) In SNMP, object is another name for managed device. Answer: FALSE 42) In SNMP, the time-to-live value for a router interface is the value for an object. Answer: TRUE 43) The management information base (MIB) is a(n) ________. A) schema B) actual database C) Either A or B D) Neither A nor B Answer: C 44) Human interface functionality is defined by the SNMP standard. Answer: FALSE 45) Which of the following would be an SNMP object? A) Number of rows inShow MoreRelatedBusiness Continuity Planning And Disaster Recovery1359 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness continuity Planning and Disaster recovery: For any Organization to survive on log run, executives must give priority to Disaster recovery (DR) and Business continuity (BC) plan during budget allocations and never see a payback from those investments. Disasters won t happen daily, they rarely occur. But when it happens and if the company doesn t have a Plan or mechanism to fast recover, then that company loses its customer to its competitors. Business continuity plan includes steps companyRead MoreImportance Of Data Storage Network Security835 Words   |  4 PagesImportance of Data Storage Network Security There would be no need for securing data storage network if you can save your information on the network without anyone altering the content. However, it is almost impossible for you to save your information in an unsecured data storage network and retrieve it just the way you saved it. In today’s world where hackers are rampant everywhere, the need to secure data storage network becomes a major concern for security experts. Over the years, our team ofRead MoreNetworking : The Future Of Networking Essay1364 Words   |  6 Pagescost-effective networks will decrease the overall cost of networking and boost bandwidth. Some of the key factors that will continue to drive networking in the years to come include; data, the internet, telecommuting and e-commerce. The increase in online access is going to increase access to information and online services. For this reason, various organizations will be forced to integrate their current disjointed networks into a single formidable, multi-service network. This type of network will enhanceRead MoreDeveloping A Strong Security Policy978 Words   |  4 Pagesin a data processing organization, other than the actual processing of data, is securing the information from the time the original data is entered until the end of the process. Businesses trust data processing companies with valuable business information from customer information lists to sensitive business d ocuments so being a trustworthy processing center is critical. In order to ensure the safety and security of client’s information, data processing companies must have top-notch security in placeRead MoreHow Security Is Important For A Successful And Secure Computer Network System942 Words   |  4 Pagesspeak the network security in a brief, more focus on the strategies and practical implementations to be done for a successful and secured Computer networking and Information systems, minor the possible threats and challenges against them and with a conclusive discussion of importance of rapid research for secured computer network system. Keywords: Research, Plans, System,Security,Threats. Strategies and Plans in Executing Information Security Introduction Security has been playingRead MoreThe Importance Of Ensuring Data Security Accountability Essay1169 Words   |  5 Pagesultimately covered by data security and privacy. Online data is a hacker’s dream, as it holds the ultimate value of materials for these cybercriminals. For example, on a broader scale, banking information can be worth over a thousand dollars depending on the account balance. If cybercriminals get a hold of these information’s, it can be costly for businesses. On a smaller scale, for a small business, customer information theft can paralyze operations and even put a company out of business. In order to preventRead MoreA Brief Note On Cyber Crime Through The Years1482 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of Cyber Security in America â€Å"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked. -Richard Clarke Cyber Crime through the Years Since the late 1980’s, cyber security has been a growing industry. Viruses such as the Morris Worm proved to the world that the internet was not a safe and secure architecture. In later years the Michelangelo virus, Melissa, and Concept began to push the IT industry for research on cyber security and antivirusRead MoreSecurity Risks On The Web : Problems And Solutions1738 Words   |  7 Pages Security Risks on the Web: Problems and Solutions Eric Schnitzler Management Information Systems – BADM 325 Professor Emily Holliday 13 November 2015 This expansion of the internet has allowed people to share information and communicate on a level that was not imaginable just twenty years ago. This growth has become a tool for people to participate in social media as well as an economic and strategic tool for business today. As more people gain access to the web, new marketsRead MoreIs4550 Week 5 Lab1611 Words   |  7 Pagesand Audit an Existing IT Security Policy Framework Definition Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon completing this lab, students will be able to complete the following tasks: * Identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in the 7 domains of a typical IT infrastructure * Review existing IT security policies as part of a policy framework definition * Align IT security policies throughout the 7 domains of a typical IT infrastructure as part of a layered security strategy * IdentifyRead MoreNetwork Security Policies And Standards Essay1654 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscuss the network security policies and standards in today’s I.T. infrastructure. It will also contain the algorithms and techniques that a company should embrace in order to protect their intellectual information and ownership. This paper will give an understanding on how one can breach the e-voting system and how an organisation can safeguard this interruption by evaluating the network and recommending best practice on high standard security systems and employing network security policies.

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Taking a Look at Beauty Pageants - 741 Words

Throughout history, the world has formed its own ideas of what women should look like. If a woman does not meet the criteria of beauty then she is seen as less important than others. Beauty pageants encourage people to rate women based on superficial standards. All over the world, people begin to acquire faulty ideas of what women should strive to be like. Pageants in general highlight appearances as an important factor of character, while lowering the self esteem of girls and forcing them to try and put a mask over their flaws. Beauty pageants center their focus on a female’s outward appearance. In children’s pageants, they strictly critique beauty. These critiques are damaging in a young girl’s development of self-esteem because it embeds this idea that beauty is all that matters in the world. Women, on the other hand, partake in pageants that involve talent and personal questioning. A woman could be beautiful and an amazing athlete, but she would not be able to enter the pageant because she would not have a talent that could be preformed on stage. In addition, there are women who embody the characteristics and talents to set them apart from most other women, but they may not be as physically beautiful as others. Pageants try to force the idea that the perfect woman is smart, can do some sort of frivolous talent, and, most importantly, beautiful. This does not mean that these woman are any better than others, it just highlights the fact that they have good genes and haveShow MoreRelate dBanning Childrens Beauty Pageants661 Words   |  3 Pagesbackstage and the daily lives of children who thrown into the world of pageants, all for inane title that has no benefactors and no use for life. Pageants like this give children’s who are easily impressionable the idea that â€Å"looks does matter.† But in society, the matter of â€Å"looks† is condemned, as a fact, to not determine one’s character. I am in favor of banning minor beauty pageant because it was proven that child beauty pageants contribute to rock-bottom self-esteem in those children who are unfortunateRead MoreBeauty Pageants Be A Controlling Part Of Our Society1253 Words   |  6 PagesBeauty pageants have become a controlling part of our society, based on statistics, around 5,000 child beauty pageants are held every year and 250,000 child contestants are participating. In general aspect of beauty pageant, more than two million girls are competing in beauty pageants every year. A child beauty pageant is a beauty contest featuring contestants under 16 years of age. Competition categories may include talent, interview, sportswear, casual wear, swim wear, theme wear, outfit of choiceRead MoreChild Beauty Pageant Is Important Than The Inner Talent1381 Words   |  6 Pagesmatters if you look beautiful! Marlo said to her daughter, Sydney, as she tied her dress. For many girls physical appearance is more important t han the inner talent. So well they have their own show, Beauty Pageant, to present their beauty in front of people. Beauty Pageant, a contest where women are participates to show their beauty and sometimes talent, and win price or a title. Beauty Pageant shows have become very popular all around the world. Child beauty pageant mostly focus on looks, gowns, modellingRead MoreThe Ugly Side of Beauty Pageants1365 Words   |  6 Pagesparlor is up a winding stair, and I’ve a many curious things to show when you are there.† Like the fly, young girls are lured into a fanciful web of illusion and false hope. Beauty pageants are a complex snare of mental and physical stress, financial burdens, time consuming hours, and unrealistic beauty features. Beauty pageants are unnecessary activities that possess a unique history. Atlantic City, New Jersey was always a popular vacation spot during the tourist season. Usually, the excursionistsRead MorePersuasive Essay On Beauty And Beauty Pageants1433 Words   |  6 Pageseyelashes, wigs, and fake teeth to just complete half of their look. The other half to complete their look is a full face of makeup and dresses or suits that are over $600. To put the cherry on top you have to get a makeup artist and a pageant coach for the talent portion of the pageant. There are about 4 competition categories in each pageant. The cost of how they appear at the pageant is over $3,000 and to participate in a pageant is over $10,000. You are spending thousands of dollars on your childrenRead More Childrens Beauty Pageants Essay998 Words   |  4 Pageschildren into many beauty pageants each year, and its wrong. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Beauty pageants first originated in Atlantic City. It was a marketing tool to make tourists stay in town longer (Banet-Weiser). News struck about this beauty pageant and the local news paper headlined â€Å"The next Miss America†. As beauty pageants grew popular, a Little Miss America was started for parents who wanted their children in the contest. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The average beauty pageant costs aboutRead MoreThe Brink of Beauty Essay1419 Words   |  6 Pages When most pageant parents are asked about their reasons for having their child partake in beauty pageants, their responses are predictable. Their kid wants to; they genuinely enjoy being in pageants, which is understandable. What kid doesn’t love attention? Another response is that their child can showcase their talents, such as singing, dancing, and looking pretty. The winners of these pageants also often receive cash prizes, although they typically don’t add up to the amount of money the parentsRead MoreThe Parting Breath Of The Now Perfect Woman1137 Words   |  5 PagesHawthorne’s story â€Å"The Birthmark† in hopes of enlightening readers that all people have imperfections. In today’s society, people try so hard to look identical to those who are held on a high pedestal for being beautiful that some even resort to changi ng their body parts such as their lips and waist-lines as means to remove or â€Å"fix† any visible imperfections, taking away their individuality. It is vital for everyone to embrace their imperfections and learn who they truly are in spite of them; thereforeRead MoreThe Beauty Of Beauty Standards1493 Words   |  6 PagesEverywhere you look we have billboards, posters, ads, and magazines with images of beautiful people on them. It is these pictures that capture not only their physical perfection, but their delightful lives; the majority of them portraying females. Women full of happiness and sheer bliss including their super brilliant white teeth, long luscious hair, and sexy curves sending a message that if we can posses these attributes then we, too can have a satisfactory life. Beyoncà © recently addressed the issueRead MoreThe Beauty Of Beauty Pageants1840 Words   |  8 Pagesthey watch their little Barbie dolls fight for who is going to be the next â€Å"Miss ...à ¢â‚¬ . That is how the typical beauty pageant scene would go. A beauty pageant is a gathering of young girls or women, of whom judges select the most beautiful. Beauty pageants are divided into sections such as question and answer, modeling, talent, and personal interview. Winners of the pageant are called beauty queens, and the awards consist of tiaras, titles, sashes, and cash prizes. Society today, already puts tons of

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Knowledge Organisation and Learning Free Essays

1. Introduction The medical industry today has transformed in recent years as a result of the inclining demography scale. This has led the government to rethink of the country’s healthcare expenditures whether they are able to meet with the demand to the health and medical industry (Group 2011). We will write a custom essay sample on Knowledge Organisation and Learning or any similar topic only for you Order Now Pinnacle hospital is structured with a holistic healthcare features that will be establish with the most advance technologies and high standard of service to patients, locals and overseas. Moving towards the growing ageing populations, the main emphasize will be on enforcing of the health awareness of the public. . Objective The team objective is to identify the future knowledge workers role and skills requirement so as to be a successful workers in future 2020. 3. PESTEL Analysis in year 2020 In analysing the external environment, the team has applied using the PESTEL tool to analyse each of the components of the external environment and identify the changes that will be establish in 2020. 3. 1) Political factors In 2020, the government will be spending approximately $10 million per year on healthcare. Higher subsidies granted to lower-income families with illness. Furthermore, the government have also planned to ramp up the infrastructure and manpower by recruiting 20,000 healthcare workers and 3,700 hospital beds, creating more jobs opening (HSA 2007-2011). Government will also look into working closely with private hospital on bed leasing (source: MOH healthcare 2020 Masterplan). 3. 2) Economic factors Population will increase, hence, the standard of living will increase as well. The government remains stable and provides strong support in funding capitals to healthcare sector that attracts more foreigners to opt for medical advice in Singapore and higher recruitment (Channelnewsasia, 2013). . 3) Social Issues such as more ageing population in 2020, with over 25% of its population above the age of 65 years old, parallel to several other developed countries around the world that has a distended grey population. As more foreigners are coming into Singapore, Singapore will be a multi racial country with English as a common language that is univ ersally recognize. 3. 4) Technological In future, new invention will be coming in, thus, the technology will be advancing. There will be robotic system to assist in surgeon for effective and efficient surgery. Furthermore, there will be web-cam system installed for the patients to interact with their love ones. Patients may monitor their health condition simply with an affordable personal pocket size device consist of sensors, actuators and mechanisms. It also helps to alarm the hospital in any case of emergency instead of reaching a phone to dial for emergency. 3. 5) Ecology In 2020, solar panels will be able to substitute the usage of electricity. Implementing the solar energy system will be useful to conserve energy and save high cost of electrical maintenance for the hospital. Organics products will be use instead of chemical content to patients with allergy. 3. 6) Legal More Act to implement the control, licensing and inspection of private hospitals, medical clinics, clinical laboratories and healthcare establishments (Attorney General’s Chambers, 2011). 4. Current Roles and Knowledge The team has selected four of the major roles in Pinnacle hospital to analyze their skill and knowledge acquired to comply with the duties they handle. They are: the Doctors, Nurses, Operation Manager and Customer Relation Executive. 4. 1) Doctors The doctors are expertise in their medical field as they are required to diagnose the patients’ illness and vital to make complex decisions. Moreover, doctors are trained and required to be skillful and knowledgeable in handling major/minor op surgery. 4. 2) Nurses Nurses have many multiple roles in the hospital. They are to perform the role of assisting the doctors in surgery, checking of patient’s records, being a caretaker and passing of information to both doctors and patients. They also have to handle some minor cases of patients such as washing wounds and injection. Therefore, nurses have to obtain these basic skills in their medical practice. 4. 3) Operation Manager Operation manager are mainly in-charge on policy change and ensure effective communication and collaboration among departments. In addition, operation manager have to ensure there is enough resources in the hospital and make sure the hospital is running smoothly. 4. 4) Customer Relation Officer For a Customer Relation Officer, they are required to help to manage the front desk with various admin support and enquiries from the patients. They also have to collect information and data of the patient’s problems and concern. 5. Future Roles and Knowledge Acquiring skills for the following roles in the year 2020: 5. 1) Doctors Technology seems to be advanced in year 2020. Robots will be the doctors’ assistants in operation theatre, which will enhance the efficiency of the surgeon. In any case of technical fault, the doctors will be the one to fix the problem. Therefore, the doctors are required to obtain new skills in technology so as to fix the minor problem of the robot if anything goes wrong. Basic knowledge in operating of the robot is necessary. It is to ensure that the robots are in good condition to assist the doctors in surgeon smoothly. 5. 2) Nurses Nurses are formerly assistance to doctor to retrieve patient’s record and in Op theater. In 2020, ?With centralized database, nurses are to train to use the system effectively to obtain patients’ record ? Cloud-based text messaging system that nurses will have to send out update the status of patient undergoing surgery to family or friends to reduce the waiting time. Nurses will learn to communicate with patients via online consultation web with patient’s family members who well-versed in IT to ensure correct details are conveyed and no error made. 5. 3) Operations Manager Currently, routine check will all be taken over with centralised method and will be fully automatic via sensors system. Mini tracking device will be issued to patients whom admitted to hospitals. Moreover, they will require maintai ning and tracking the patients’ attendance and do arrangement for land transfers for overseas Patients. 5. ) Customer Relations Officer In Customer Relations Officer, most commonly the officers face with communication barrier. In 2020, these cases will be resolved via the following: ? officers has to be train to be more linguistic as more foreigners are expected to seek medical help ? Officers can be train to educate patients on the use of e-booking online as it reduce waiting time and crowding the holding area. 6. Conclusion In conclusion, the demographic graph is inclining towards ageing population as such it is necessary to create more health awareness. With advance technology implemented in hospital, each staff are required to attend the training according to the skills they acquired to be hands-on with centralized database system and able to assist more patients from overseas whom are seeking medical advice in Singapore. It is hoped that Singapore could become a world-class originator of innovative, aged-friendly technology, products and devices. The ageing issue requires the integration and strategic alignment of new technologies, personal responsibility and public policy. How to cite Knowledge Organisation and Learning, Essay examples

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Mr. Boogie Bear free essay sample

Statesman, publisher, Inventor, and patriot known for writing Poor Richards Almanac, keeping France on the side of America during the Revolutionary War, and inventing all kinds of useful things, including bifocal glasses and the lightning rod. He was the American representative to England for a few years. He was also minister to France for many years and became a national hero there. His last great deed was serving as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.George Washington Deflation: First president of the united States, he also fought (for the British) In the French and Indian War and was the commanding officer of the victorious American forces in the Revolutionary War. He was named president of the Constitutional Convention. He served two terms as president, during which he invented the Cabinet, his advisers, and tried to calm the bickering between the two new political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.After his second term, Washington retired to his home at Mount Vernon, to live a quiet life with his wife, Martha. We will write a custom essay sample on Mr. Boogie Bear or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Thomas Jefferson Definition: Third president of the united States, serving two terms. He was also vice- president under John Adams. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was a minister to France and later kept his country out of wars with England and France. Jefferson, along with James Madison, was a leader of the new Democratic-Republican Party.HIS politics brought him Into conflict with Adams and Alexander Hamilton, who were the leaders of the new Federalist Party. Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and sent Meriwether Lewis and James Clark on their famous visit to the Pacific Ocean. In his personal life, he was a successful inventor, inventing among other things a swivel chair and a wheel cipher, which could be used to send or read coded messages. He also had many interesting inventions at his home, Monticello.

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mp3s essays

mp3s essays As we are approaching the 21st century communications is becoming a vital key in business and home computing. As a result we are constantly inventing new ways in order to make communications easier for the user to access in our daily lives. Therefore the information superhighway has sparred awareness in home technology or lack of home technology. The abbreviation MP3 stands for MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) layer 3, which is a standard format for storing compressed music. An MP3 file is an audio file that has been compressed (anywhere from 1/5th to 1/17th of its original size) without any noticeable loss in sound quality. That means a great sounding file, in a package small enough that it can be downloaded and/or stored on your PC (MP3 files can be identified by their file extension, .mp3.). The basic idea is that music digitized at CD quality has information that can be suppressed with little or no quality loss, as perceived by most people. Thanks to this and some mathematics, it is possible to compress a digitized track to about 8 percent of its original size, or a compression ratio of 12:1. This means that, while a regular music CD can contain about one hour of music (74 minutes, actually), a similar CD used to store mp3 files can contain almost 12 hours of music. MP3 is used particularly for music distribution over the Internet, but is also used for other purposes such as real-time digital audio transmissions over ISDN (used by reporters). How is it possible to do this you ask? Well, I won't get into the technical details, but basically the MP3 encoder removes the parts of the sound not audible to the human ear. This means that MP3 is a 'loss' type of compression (comparable to JPEG in the graphics area). This means that what comes out from your CD or Wave file is NOT the same thing that comes out of the MP3 that has been created from the CD/Wav. The sound data that has been lost will not be returned if the MP3 is...

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Limiting Reactant Theoretical Yield (Worked Problem)

Limiting Reactant Theoretical Yield (Worked Problem) The limiting reactant of a reaction is the reactant that would run out first if all the reactants were to be reacted together. Once the limiting reactant is completely consumed, the reaction would cease to progress. The theoretic yield of a reaction is the amount of products produced when the limiting reactant runs out. This worked example chemistry problem shows how to determine the limiting reactant and calculate the theoretical yield of a chemical reaction. Limiting Reactant and Theoretical Yield Problem You are given the following reaction: 2 H2(g) O2(g) → 2 H2O(l) Calculate: a. the stoichiometric ratio of moles H2 to moles O2b. the actual moles H2 to moles O2 when 1.50 mol H2 is mixed with 1.00 mol O2c. the limiting reactant (H2 or O2) for the mixture in part (b)d. the theoretical yield, in moles, of H2O for the mixture in part (b) Solution a. The stoichiometric ratio is given by using the coefficients of the balanced equation. The coefficients are the numbers listed before each formula. This equation is already balanced, so refer to the tutorial on balancing equations if you need further help: 2 mol H2 / mol O2 b. The actual ratio refers to the number of moles actually provided for the reaction. This may or may not be the same as the stoichiometric ratio. In this case, it is different: 1.50 mol H2 / 1.00 mol O2 1.50 mol H2 / mol O2 c. Note that the actual ratio of smaller than the required or stoichiometric ratio, which means there is insufficient H2 to react with all of the O2 that has been provided. The insufficient component (H2) is the limiting reactant. Another way to put it is to say that O2 is in excess. When the reaction has proceeded to completion, all of the H2 will have been consumed, leaving some O2 and the product, H2O. d. Theoretical yield is based on the calculation using the amount of limiting reactant, 1.50 mol H2. Given that 2 mol H2 forms 2 mol H2O, we get: theoretical yield H2O 1.50 mol H2 x 2 mol H2O / 2 mol H2 theoretical yield H2O 1.50 mol H2O Note that the only requirement for performing this calculation is knowing the amount of the limiting reactant and the ratio of the amount of limiting reactant to the amount of product. Answers a. 2 mol H2 / mol O2b. 1.50 mol H2 / mol O2c. H2d. 1.50 mol H2O Tips for Working This Type of Problem The most important point to remember is that you are dealing with the molar ratio between the reactants and products. If you are given a value in grams, you need to convert it to moles. If youre asked to supply a number in grams, you convert back from the moles used in the calculation.The limiting reactant isnt automatically the one with the smallest number of moles. For example, say you have 1.0 moles of hydrogen and 0.9 moles of oxygen in the reaction to make water. If you didnt look at the stoichiometric ratio between the reactants, you might choose oxygen as the limiting reactant, yet hydrogen and oxygen react in a 2:1 ratio, so youd actually expend the hydrogen much sooner than youd use up the oxygen.When youre asked to give quantities, watch the number of significant figures. They always matter in chemistry!

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Discussion formate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion formate - Essay Example Google has done this recently and continues to do so. Of course, as a company’s product line grows and diversifies, they will naturally have new competitors as well as a greater number of competitors overall. As Google’s offerings have grown from search engines and advertising to smarts phones and online music, new competitors like Apple have emerged and competition has increased between the two companies ( Google is able to compete with Apple because they have similar resources and a similar market (5-4). In regards to Google and Apple, one can witness how when Apple comes out with a new phone or app, Google will respond with a similar product (and vice-versa). These are known as strategic actions and responses (5-6). Similarly, Google and Apple engage in pricing decisions â€Å"to increase demand in certain markets during certain periods† (5-7). Pricing and other â€Å"fine-tuning† methods are known as tactical actions and are much easier to i mplement than strategic actions. While Google is a â€Å"first-mover† in the search engine market, it is a â€Å"second mover† in the mobile phone market (5-8). Being a first-mover has allowed them to gain a majority of the market share. As a second-mover in the mobile phone market Apple still owns and maintains dominance.